ASEAN Al-Quran Memorising Competition

The country is taking part in the annual Al-Quran and Hadith Memorising Competition Among ASEAN and Asia Pacific Nations For the Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz As-Saud Trophy. The country's participants left for the Indonesian capital of Jakarta last night.

Sending them off at the airport was Awang Haji Idris bin Haji Aji, the Head of Islamic Shi'ar Division, Ministry of Religious Affairs. The 3-member delegation is led by Awang Muhammad Azim bin Awang Haji Ali, the Manager of the Delegation. The four-day competition is being held until Thursday. Revising Al-Quran reading and listening to the reading of established Al-Quran readers were among the measures taken by the country's participants to improve their performance.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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