Ask the Cabinet to consider the results of the situation assessment first.

Minister of Justice orders the Cabinet to consider whether or not to extend the emergency decree in the provincial areas. Please consider assessing the situation from the area first.

Pol. Col. Thawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice, spoke about the proposal to the Cabinet (Cabinet) to consider the Emergency Administration Decree in the southern border provinces. The extension of time will end tomorrow (Sept. 19), saying that the meeting will be held first and then the government spokesperson will make a statement because there are issues that need to be discussed in the meeting room.

When asked whether the original resolution would be adhered to or not. Including the need to use the Emergency Decree in the area, Pol. Col. Thawee said that various agencies in the area will evaluate it. But from the government's point of view, it must be considered. This is a very difficult time to study the overall picture. And according to the original principle, we want to use the Security Act instead of the Emergency Decree. Must ask to see the details first.

Minister of Justice Refuses to answer questions about requesting a royal pardon With general prisoners on important occasions, have there been reports? Without answering the question, he immediately walked up to Command Building 1.

Source: Thai News Agency