Azan Competition

The Azan or call for prayer is the call for muslims to go to the mosque and perform the daily prayers. To instil and enhance awareness and understanding by assimilating the reading of Al-quran verses and the Azan, an Azan competition was held last night in conjunction with the coming of Ramadhan. Organised by the Temburong District Mosque Affairs Office with the cooperation of Radio Television Brunei's Temburong branch, the event is one of the Badudun RTB activities to the Temburong district aimed at letting participants know about the best ways and techniques to make the call for prayer correctly and beautifully aside from giving them confidence to come forward in public.

12 participants namely youths representing mosques, suraus and religious halls in the Temburong District took part in the competition. Emerging champion was Awang Amirul Azwan bin Norramli from Kampong Labu Mosque, in second and third place were Mohamad Syafiq Sahmi bin Mohd Sabtu from Kampong Piasau-Piasau Surau and Mohd Azroy bin Mohd Azamuddin from Kampong Semabat Religious Hall respectively. Prizes were presented by Awang Mohd Amiri Hairil bin Awang Haji Mahmud, Temburong District Officer.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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