Back to School Preparation

The first school term 2022 begins on 3rd January. Parents and guardians have of course been busy making final preparations to ensure that their children are ready for school in the new normal including getting a haircut. RTB Crew made an observation to a number of barbershops in Brunei Muara District yesterday morning.

As teaching and learning session during the first stage of the endemic phase only involved Year 10 to Year 13 students, the barbershops accept customers as usual. By adhering to the set SOP, barbershops also limit the number of customers at one time and for several shops, customers are requested to make an early booking. The barbers or hairdressers said they received an encouraging respond especially among school students from the week before.

Meanwhile for students, a neat and short hair appearance plays a big role for them before returning to school.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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