Beauty of Qiamullail

Every Muslim fasting in Ramadhan certainly wishes to meet the night of Lailatulqadar or the night of the Decree which is better than a thousand months especially on the ten final nights of Ramadhan. Among them is by performing mass Qiamullail at mosque, surau or religious halls.

Although it is Sunat or commendable to perform them, but the value of qiamullail is significant because the reward bestowed is different from other religious deeds. Among the sunat prayers practiced during Qiamullail are the Sunat Tahajjud, Sunat Hajat and Sunat Taubat Prayers. Some congregants took an approach by performing the prayers in the dark to enhance focus.

Qiamullail means to perform nightly prayers by waking up during the final two thirds or at least one third of the night. By performing them, one is able to become closer with the Creator and seek for Allah's forgiveness.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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