‘Bedah Karya’ Programme

The 'Bedah Karya' programme is an academic platform that provides in-depth knowledge and understanding on the creative works of local authors. The annual programme under the Language and Literature Bureau's Pantaran Sastera project is carried out in efforts to elevate and empower literature in the country.

Two literary works published by the Bureau, 'Kumpulan Cerpen Exotis' by Doctor Haji Mohd Ali bin Haji Radin under his pen name H. Mar and 'Fiksi Mini: ENAM BELAS, ENAM PULUH' by Awang Haji Morshidi bin Haji Marsal using his pen name Mussidi was reviewed and discussed analytically by two literary speakers, Doctor Pudarno bin Binchin and Awang Haji Kamis bin Tuah, experts and researchers of literature sastera. The book 'Kumpulan Cerpen Exotis' is a collection of 30 short stories while 'Fiksi Mini: ENAM BELAS, ENAM PULUH contains 101 interesting and moral stories. Present was Dayang Hajah Sariani binti Haji Ishak, Acting Director of Language and Literature Bureau.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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