Being Grateful For the Blessings Bestowed

Syukur or gratefulness is a praise, remembrance and thanks to Allah SWT for all the blessings, rewards and guidance bestowed on mankind. Yesterday's Friday sermon entitled 'Mengharapkan Keredhaan Allah SWT Dengan Sentiasa Bersyukur'' or Hoping for Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala's Blessing by Always Being Grateful, reminded Muslims that we must increase the feeling of gratefulness for Allah's blessings. Allah SWT will further increase the blessings bestowed to the ummah who are grateful, but if they abuse the blessing or deviate from the commandments and carry out what has been prohibited, thus they will be punished on earth and the hereafter.

The imam or prayer leader said being grateful for the blessings of Allah SWT can be conducted in various ways, among them through the heart, orally or behaviour. Being grateful in the heart is by fully recognising and validating that all the blessings are bestowed by Allah SWT. Being grateful orally is by expressing it in his daily life by always giving praises to Allah SWT and increasing sayings of gratefulness or syukur to Allah SWT. Meanwhile, being grateful through behaviour is by being loyal to Allah SWT and using every blessing bestowed in blessed ways or locations such as spending their assets by giving alms, endowments, helping the poor and destitute, orphans, the less fortunate, donating to mosque funds and others. If one is bestowed with the blessing of knowledge, thus practise and teach it to others as a charitable deed. If we are bestowed blessings in the form of high positions or positions of power, use it well and do not abuse it by taking opportunities, oppressing or being cruel to others. Use it towards the path of good and charity as well as to prevent deviations as every behaviour carried out will be assessed and be made accountable during Judgement Day.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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