“Being Qana’ah” Friday Sermon

Muslims are urged to take as example the behaviour of Prophet Muhammad SAW, a person who liked to live in Qanaah or moderation and avoiding from being boastful. Every person's blessing has been determined by Allah SWT. Therefore, one should avoid from being jealous of other people's blessings as jealousy is a behaviour that will stop blessings from coming. Yesterday's Friday Sermon entitled 'Bersifat Qana'ah iaitu berasa cukup dengan apa yang diberikan oleh Allah SWT' or Being Qana'ah, which is feeling sufficient with what has been given by Allah SWT also reminds Muslims to be grateful with what the blessings given by Allah SWT. By the Grace of Allah, life will always feel sufficient with what has been blessed and determined by Allah SWT.

The imam or prayer leader said verily, people who are always living in qana'ah or moderation in life are those who are the most at peace, comfort and joy. This is because there are confident that Allah SWT has guaranteed his whole life especially his blessings. Even though, they might be less fortunate, but they will never feel uneasy and complain. They will always find ways to seek supplication and perform religious deeds to obtain a better life and be grateful to Allah SWT. They will also never lose hope in facing any life trials and are calm in the face of difficulties. There are many benefits gained when one is living in qana'ah, among them the strengthening of their faith and piety to Allah SWT, protection from sins and deviation, curbing greed and jealousy for the blessings and riches owned by others and always feeling blessed with whatever Allah has given them.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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