Beneficial Activity during Jalinan Ukhuwah Gathering Majlis Jalinan Ukhuwah

Mosque Muslimah should grab the opportunity to perform more religious acts as well as charity to gain the blessings and rewards promised by Allah the Almighty. The call was made during a tazkirah or religious talk titled "Berkahnya Ukhuwah" during the Jalinan Ukhuwah that gathered Tutong's Kampung Penanjong Mosque Muslimah and the members of the Meraih Berkah group this morning. The talk on fostering relations among Muslims was delivered by Dayang Hajah Zunainah binti Haji Gunong, Senior Religious Officer at the Haj Management Department.

The congregants of Kampung Penanjong Mosque received an endowment in the form of Al-Quran with Translation which was handed over by Hajah Florinda Haji Mejenis, the leader of Meraih Berkat Group to Dayang Hajah Zunainah binti Haji Gunong as the mentor of the mosque's Muslimah. The endowment would be used by the participants of 100 Times Khatam Al-Quran programme during the month of Ramadhan.

A group of underprivileged people received assistance while selected less fortunate pupils and students from primary and secondary schools in Tutong District received knowledge incentive assistance.

There was also Al-Quran writing activity by Meraih Berkah Group and the congregants of the mosque. The gathering was meant to foster and strengthen relations among the participants.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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