Benefits of Tadarus Al-Quran

Ramadhan is a month which Muslims longed for. This is because during the holy month, all religious acts and good deeds are rewarded with multiple blessings by Allah the Almighty. Among the acts of faith is the Tadarus Al-Quran, befitting Ramadhan as the Month of Al-Quran or the month when Al-Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wassalam.

During Ramadhan, various parties organise the Tadarus Al-Quran at mosques and private homes to glorify the reading of Al-Quran. The Tadarus is a practice advocated by the Messenger of Allah particularly in Ramadhan. Tadarus Al-Quran refers to a group of Quran readers or a least two readers reading Al-Quran where the more proficient reader or readers would scrutinise the reading for mistakes and correct them.

Tadarus Al-Quran has many benefits where simply listening to and watching the people reading al-Quran would bring multiple blessings and rewards. Reading one letter of Al-Quran brings ten blessings. Reading al-Quran also brings peace, calmness and other rewards to those who love the Holy Book.

Apart from the opportunity to correct and refine one's Quran reading during the tadarus sessions, reading Al-Quran also endears one to Allah the Creator. Reading all the 30 Juzuk or chapters of Al-Quran is also very much encouraged during Ramadhan.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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