Blessings and Priority of Alms Giving

​Muslims are urged to help one another as by doing so will produce a feeling of respect, love and caring for each other. One of the ways to carry out the concept of helping one another is through the giving of alms. Yesterday’s Friday sermon entitled ‘Blessings and Priority of Alms Giving’, stressed that spending assets through giving alms to those needing it can help educate oneself and make an individual always care for every creature created by Allah SWT.


Alms giving covers various forms of aid, assistance and something that brings joy through whatever we give to our relatives, friends or anyone, even a smile that brings happiness to others can be considered as alms giving, amortising somebody’s debt is a form of alms giving as well as a good word, every step taken towards performing prayers, removing any dangers on the road, every religious deed and practise. Muslims are reminded that this is the blessing of those who give alms. Therefore, people who do not want to give alms, those who are afraid or do not want their assets to become less, they are the ones who are experiencing major loss. This is because by giving alms we can enjoy a multitude blessings easily, more than the amount used in the giving of alms. Therefore alms giving is akin to an investment that will never incur loss, not even a minute amount, but is very profitable.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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