Book Handover

The Brunei Darussalam Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative, YSEALI will implement a project where they will share their knowledge and experiences during their time in the United States of America on the management of children with autism and several community projects. The project was launched at the Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam in Kampung Bengkurong.

The function was officiated by Catherine Muller, Public Affairs Officer at the Embassy of the United States of America and handed over several books to the Pusat Ehsan. Y-SEALI is a programme by the United States of America to enhance leadership development and networks in the Southeast Asia. Awangku Mohd Izwan Shafuan bin Pengiran Muhd Daud, the Project Head explained that the project will involve cooperation with teachers who specialise in autism. A workshop to raise awareness on children with autism will be held in February next year.

We must continue to strive to find a halal and good sustenance. Therefore, in finding sustenance, we must be aware and follow the teachings of Islam so that we are not tainted by elements not blessed by Allah Subhanahu Waata'ala such as stealing, embezzlement, abuse of authority for personal gains as well as corruption. This was among the matters touched upon in today's Friday Sermon entitled 'In conjunction with International Anti-Corruption Day'.

The imam or prayer leader said that those who carry out corruption are those without integrity, dishonest and fail to carry out the trust given. They are also willing to abandon their self-esteem. Corruption is a selfish behaviour that does not think of the impact as well as the loss to the community and country. The imam reminded the congregants that the gains obtained from corruption is haram and unblessed. He questioned whether they are willing to give food and drinks to their wife, children and family which are obtained from haram sources. Verily, eating food from haram sources will lead to hell, as in the tradition or hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Salallahu 'Alaihiwassalam as narrated by Jabbar bin Abdullah Radiallahu anhu, will not enter heaven, the meat that grows from what is haram, the fires of hell is more a priority. Islam encourages its ummah to be moderate in conducting their daily life as well as be wise in managing finances. An economical financial management and sufficiency in family spending can provide us with the space to be more capable in facing difficulties or lacking conditions as well as handle problems well.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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