Brunei Darussalam Is Expected To Experience Active Weather Conditions Starting This Saturday

Brunei Darussalam is expected to experience active weather conditions starting this Saturday due to Typhoon Tembin which has been predicted to enter the South China Sea. In an interview with RTB, explaining about the weather condition, the Meteorological Department also said that the active weather conditions of the past few days due to Typhoon Kai-Tak will no longer affect the country.

According to Awang Mohammad Affindi bin Haji Sabli, Meteorological Forecast Officer, said that Typhoon kai-Tak is now over the South China Sea and is moving away from Brunei Darussalam. Meanwhile, the Tropical depression over the Pacific Ocean strengthened into Tropical Storm Tembin today. Tropical Storm Tembin is moving towards South Philippines and is predicted to enter the South China Sea and is moving away from Brunei Darussalam while Typhoon Kai-Tak is expected to no longer affect the country.

However, Tropical Storm tembin may once again cause damp weather conditions in the country with incessant rains, heavy intermittently and may cause floods or flash floods, strong winds, fallen trees, landslides as well as rough seas reaching up to 3 metres. The active weather condition is expected to start affecting the country from the 23rd until 26th of December.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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