Brunei Darussalam’s Trade Performance

Brunei Darussalam recorded an increase in total trade in March 2019. The total trade for the month increased by 12.7 percent to one thousand, two hundred and ninety, point two million dollars compared to March 2108.

Total exports increased year on year by 16.7 percent to eight hundred and eighty point two million dollars. The increase was supported mainly by the increase in the export of Crude Oil by 25.0 percent and the export of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) by 11.6 percent. Total imports increased by 5 percent to four hundred and ten million dollars.

The five main import commodities were Machinery and Transport Equipment which was 41.1 percent, followed by Manufactured Goods at 20.3 percent, Food 14.4 percent, Chemicals 8.4 percent and Mineral Fuels 7.5 percent. By End Use category, imports of Intermediate Goods comprised of 58.3 percent of the total imports followed by imports of Capital goods, 33.6 percent and Consumption goods 8.1 percent.

The main export market for Brunei Darussalam was Japan with 36.1 percent, followed by India, 15.9 percent and the Republic of Korea 12.4 percent. For imports by trading partners, the highest share was from the People's Republic of China with 18.8 percent, followed by Malaysia, 17.6 percent and Singapore 16.3 percent.

The International Merchandise Trade Statistics', IMTS for Brunei Darussalam adopts the General System for recording trade statistics which covers imports, domestic exports and re-exports. The IMTS full report for March 2019 is available from DEPD's website at

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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