Brunei Salebration Begins

The public is urged to continue giving their support to the annual national sales event known as the Brunei Salebration (BSb). At the same time, members of the public are reminded to be wise and prudent with their spending by making price comparisons. The 65-day Brunei Salebration, which began last Tuesday, is hoped to contribute towards enhancing the country's economic activity through attractive discounted sales aside from encouraging the public to shop locally.

RTB's crew this afternoon visited several business premises taking part in this year's Brunei Salebration. The year-end school holiday has begun and members of the public have certainly taken this opportunity to shop and spend in the country. According to the Department of Economic Planning and Development, JPKE, Brunei Salebration is hoped to help parents in purchasing school necessities for the first school term of 2018. As part of this effort, JPKE is also encouraging more participation from businesses in the national sales event in order to provide a variety of products and services and attract the public and tourists alike to shop in the country.

BSb 2017 which is held until the 31st of January next year offers discounts of up to 70 percent. To facilitate and encourage more participation in various business activities, the BSb participants need only to give discounts on at least fifty percent of the goods displayed at their premises. This is lower than the discounts given on at least 60 percent of the displayed goods previously. Meanwhile, the minimum price discount offered during the sale is 20 percent. However, the BSb participants are encouraged to give better, more creative and attractive offers to attract more customers and tourists to shop at their premises.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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