‘Brunei Salebration’ Can Increase the Country’s Economic Growth

December is synonymous with large spending and holidays, either locally and overseas. The concept of spending locally or overseas is according the differing understandings of every individual. Together with the bonus received by civil servants and private sector employees are among the factors that encourages the need to spend.

The desire to spend and go for holidays overseas are due to the attraction and discounted sales in the countries abroad. However, the sales promotions offered by the local shopping centres and businesses are also on par. Among the efforts carried out include the large scale discounted sales known as 'Brunei Salebration' which is currently ongoing until February next year. The efforts aim to support the government's initiative in encouraging sustainable economic growth through high domestic consumer spending and an increase in the retail subsector performance in the country.

Over five hundred business premises registered with the Department of Economic Planning and Development, JPKE, are offering more than 50 percent discounts compared to normal days. Some of the participating companies are also offering school necessities for the upcoming 2019 school session. Through the sales, JPKE hopes to promote Brunei Darussalam as a shopping destination and increase the country's economic activity through local spending and increase in business activities.

Even more interesting is the organisation of a number of expos, festivals and sales bazaars currently ongoing at several strategic locations in the country until the end of December, with the main focus in the Brunei Muara District. Among them are the End of Year Expo, Gempak Expo, Yes Letop, Kawin Letop as well as various food festivals. The sales and festivals are part of the Brunei December Festival 2018 organised by the Brunei Tourism Development Board, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism. These activities not only attracts domestic tourists but also more tourists from oversea. Apart from boosting local industry development and the production of higher quality and competitive products, it can also strengthen the country's economy.

However, the public must also remember to spend wisely and to prioritise important matters or needs. Spend prudently and not just follow the heart's desires.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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