Bus station adjusts “minibuses” at Koh Samet Pier – Mo Chit 2 for selling additional tickets in excess of seats

Bus Station, the maximum fine of 5,000 baht, minibus vans (Bangkok-Rayong-Ban Phe), selling additional tickets in excess of seats. with warning If found violating, the highest penalty will be considered, suspension of the car for 7 days.

Mr. Sanlak Panwattanalikit, President of the Transport Company Limited (Bor Kor Sor.), revealed that according to the Facebook page “I want to be famous, I will arrange for part 6” has posted pictures of passengers using mini cars. Buses from Koh Samet Pier – Bangkok (Mo Chit 2) have to take extra folding chairs along the aisle. create awkwardness uncomfortable for passengers

From such an event, the Bor Kor Sor. has assigned the relevant departments Investigating the facts, it was found that the aforementioned vehicle was a passenger van (minibus) (Bangkok-Rayong-Ban Phe), vehicle number 915-32 Moo 2(T), registration number 16-4111, Bangkok, belonging to PP Koh Samet Co., Ltd. Carrying more passengers than the number of seats According to the actual complaints of passengers, the bus station has therefore imposed a maximum fine in accordance with the company’s regulations in the amount of 5,000 baht, along with a warning not to repeat the offence. If found violating, the maximum penalty will be considered, suspension of the car for 7 days.

However, today (June 6, 2023), the said car-sharing operator went to clarify the facts to the Rayong Provincial Transport Office. and has already admitted to all cases The Office of Transport Penalized the driver in the amount of 5,000 baht, deducted 20 points and compared the fines to the transport operators. non-supervised base or fails to comply with the specified conditions in the amount of 10,000 baht

The Company apologized for the incident. And thank the passengers who reported the incident. In order to continue to develop and improve the efficiency of public bus services, including the bus station, has urged all joint vehicle operators to comply with the law. and regulations strictly taking into account the benefits of passengers and if encountering problems in the journey You can notify the staff of the bus station directly at the public relations area, 1st floor and 3rd floor, Bangkok Bus Terminal (Chatuchak) and bus stations of the bus station nationwide, or inform information at the bus station call center 1490 24 hours a day. , Passenger Protection Division, call 02 537 8443, 02-936-2834 and Department of Land Transport, call 1584.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency