Chinese Man Embraces Islam

The eminence of Islam in the country shines brighter with the increasing number of converts choosing Islam as their new faith. From January to October this year, 354 people have embraced Islam in the country. 191 converts came from the Brunei Muara District. Last night, a Chinese man embraced Islam at a Conversion ceremony that took place in Kampung Kiarong.

74-year old, Tea Ing Long is now known as Muhammad Firdaus Tea Long Bin Abdullah. The conversion ceremony was conducted by officers of the Islamic Da'wah Centre. It was held at the residence of Awang Haji Maidin bin Haji Ahmad in Kampung Kiarong. The Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Islamic Da'wah Centre is actively propagating Islamic religious knowledge asides from monitoring activities carried out by the new converts in the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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