Cleanliness Is a Religious Obligation

Islam places great importance on cleanliness in all aspects of life, not only physical cleanliness but spiritual as well. Muslims should stay away from things that distance them from Allah the Almighty such as unjustified suspicion and envy. Avoiding such malicious feelings will save the ummah from committing vice and sins which Allah forbids. To achieve this, one must purify the heart or soul and the body including in doing things related to community and welfare affairs as well as in religious acts. Cleansing the soul and body will produce a strong, intelligent, active and responsible generation who will ensure the cleanliness of the family, society and country in line with the topic of yesterday's Khutbah Jumaat or Friday sermon, "Maintaining Cleanliness Is A Religious Obligation."

Islam places great importance on cleanliness in all aspects of life including personal cleanliness, family, home, place of worship, public places and others. The prayer leader said physical and spiritual cleanliness are equally important and one should suppress bad elements such as envy, arrogance, showing-off and many others. Purifying the heart or soul will make people good, humble and moral. Meanwhile, maintaining physical cleanliness will keep away disease or sickness because some diseases stem from untidiness and dirt. The prayer leader advised the congregants not to neglect both physical and spiritual cleanliness and everyone should be involved and cooperate in maintaining cleanliness. Make cleanliness and health a way of life and parents should teach and guide their children to maintain cleanliness from a young age.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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