Court Statistics

5 civil appeal cases from High Court were brought to the Court of Appeal last year, compared to 8 cases in 2020.

According to High Court statistics, criminal appeal cases filed in the Court of Appeal last year decreased to 19 cases, compared to 20 cases in 2020. Civil cases filed in the High Court dropped from 91 cases in 2020 to 51 cases last year. Meanwhile, 9 criminal cases were filed last year as to 14 cases in 2020. Last year, 3 civil appeal cases were filed from the Magistrate's Court to the High Court, compared to 2 cases in 2020, while 21 criminal appeal cases were recorded in 2021 from the Magistrate's Court to the High Court as to 46 cases in the previous year.

Bankruptcy Notice decreased from 366 last year to 260 in 2020. Meanwhile, 253 Acceptance Orders were made in 2021 and 107 Adjudication Orders were also filed last year.

222 cases were filed in the Intermediate Court last year, comprising 70 Civil Cases, 98 Commercial Cases and 54 Criminal Cases.

1,575 cases were filed in the Magistrate Court last year. From the total, 965 Civil Cases and 880 Criminal Cases.

Meanwhile, the total Court revenue last year recorded over $3,200,000. While in 2020, the total revenue reached over $5 million compared to previous year.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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