COVID-19 Case Monitoring SOP Updated, Definition of First Day

The Ministry of Health has also updated the SOP for monitoring of COVID-19 Positive Cases, that is, those whose BruHealth code has changed to purple or those who have reported positive ART results on the Ministry's portal.

These cases will receive a short message, SMS from the Ministry of Health containing instructions for the recipients to update their health status through the link provided to enable the Ministry of Health to monitor the health condition of the individual. In addition, the Ministry of Health would also like to update the definition of First Day or Day 1 for COVID-19 cases and close contacts where the First Day for a COVID-19 case is when the BruHealth code changes to purple, while for close contacts it is when the BruHealth code changes to red.

In a scenario where a contact who has a red code and is undergoing isolation, suddenly obtains a positive ART result, his or her BruHealth code will change to purple after they have uploaded their ART results in the web portal and the day resets into the First Day of his or her new isolation period. Meanwhile, in the event of any delay in changing the BruHealth colour code for any case or contact, the individual concerned is advised to be patient and continue to isolate themselves from others.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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