Dawn Religious Talk

The benefits and advantages of performing religious acts and being loyal to Allah the Almighty and the Messenger of Allah were among matters shared during a dawn tazkirah or religious talk, entitled, "People Who the Devil Fails to Deceive'. The talk was held at the Muhammad Salleh Main Mosque in Bangar Town in Temburong after dawn prayer today.

The tazkirah was delivered by Awang Abdul Aziz Bin Haji Akop, the Acting Secretary of the Islamic Religious Council, the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Also in attendance was Dato Paduka Haji Awang Abdul Mokti Bin Haji Mohd Daud, the Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs. The session was part of efforts to enliven the mosque and reviving the Sunnah of Rasullallah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasalam.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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