Deputy Spokesman of the RTSC points out that the Deputy President of the Council Overdrafting the budget to see work

Deputy spokesperson of Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party posted on Facebook to make an observation. "Padipat and his group" disbursed the budget to visit Singapore at an inflated price.

Mr. Phongphon Yodmuangcharoen Post on personal Facebook in case of disbursement of travel expenses. Went to see the work of Mr. Padipat Santipada, 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, and his group in Singapore. By making observations about the prices of accommodation and air tickets. The price is inflated, stating that it is a royal luxury. The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives reserved accommodation for '12,500 per night' according to documents submitted to the Secretariat of the House of Representatives on September 11, 2023. It appears that a total budget of 1.3 million baht was disbursed for the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and 6 MPs. Go see the work in Singapore. In matters that do not have any urgent agenda, such as looking at information systems Looking at the labor system See the Singapore environment ..The easy way is to travel.

“Alright, that's fine. He may want to take a rest and relax. Like a big politician ..important point that was not noticed And what cannot be ignored is the excessive cost of the trip, such as 4 nights of luxury accommodation at "12.5 thousand baht per night" for a total of 50 thousand baht per person, even though the hotel is 1-2 thousand baht per night, which allows you to live comfortably in the heart of Singapore. Ordinary Thai people do not have this amount of money. They can rent a place to sleep all year. A luxury plane ticket is 51,250 baht per person, even though it's only flying to Singapore. The price of a normal ticket is 4,000 baht (people can fly round trip 10 times). What kind of equality is this? ..pool villa, party, sipping wine, pre-order. Premium on the plane Good view at Sentosa Did you guys sleep well? ..on the tax burden of Thai people?" Mr. Phongphon stated.

Source: Thai News Agency