District Representatives Underlined Several Issues That Should Be Given Due Attention

District representatives also underlined several issues that should be given due attention. This include law enforcement in the country for the people's comfort and peace. Apart from that, the need to establish an agriculture bank was also proposed with the aim to financially assist farmers.

Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Ramli bin Haji Lahit in his motion vote of thanks said schools, colleges and higher education institutions can inculcate the Twinning Education System which emphasised on skills apart from academic. This is specifically in the fields that are relevant with the country's need and the Foreign Direct Investment that depends on local workforce. Knowledge and skills are catalysts for all types of occupation that can contribute to the country's economy.

Meanwhile, Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Abdul Hamid bin Haji Mumin in his motion vote of thanks said throughout the years of oil and gas production, it is as if the country is comfortable with the notion that most of the output is being produced by foreign workers. These foreign workers are also in high positions in the oil and gas companies, but not the locals. Yang Berhormat added that relevant ministries should research and conduct studies on the causes of it to tackle such issue. Yang Berhormat also called for oil and gas companies, as well as private companies and industries operating in the country to hold discussions with the Ministry of Education to highlight courses that are of importance to them. This is to allow such courses to be held at learning institutions such as IBTE or UTB under the country's Ministry of Education.

In a motion of vote of thanks, Yang Berhormat Awang Hanapi bin Mohd Siput stated that law enforcement should be conducted honestly and strictly, without hesitation. Fines should be increased without giving any opportunity for the offence to be repeated. Yang Berhormat added that His Majesty's titah is indeed constructive, full of content and is a reminder that need to be inculcated by involved parties. All this is to ensure that the Wawasan Negara 2035 is achieved for the people's well-being, peace and comfort.

Meanwhile, in his motion vote of thanks, Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Emran bin Haji Sabtu said paddy yields at agriculture development areas, KKP should be increased especially for Temburong District, where several KKP areas have been identified such as in Perdayan and Senukoh. In the early stage, paddy planting efforts were encouraging until Temburong District produced high paddy yields compared to other districts. Efforts to improve paddy yield at KKP areas, Yang Berhormat added, should be continued. Irrigation system is required, not just depending solely on rainfall. Manual farming methods should be reviewed from soil suitability by using heavy machineries, involvement and empowerment of youth in paddy farming, and instillation of modern farming methods.

Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Mohimin bin Haji Johari @ Jahari in his motion vote of thanks said a boost for final year students at higher education institutions who are interested in creating a private or group business, and provide facilities that allows them to obtain financial loan easily from Bank Usahawan. This acts as an early preparation for the said students to earn their income through business after graduating. Yang Berhormat stated that this should be included in Wawasan 2035 for mind transformation and effective implementation to increase control of Brunei's economy and develop the nation.

Meanwhile, Yang Berhormat Awang Naim bin Haji Kamis his motion vote of thanks said the country should establish an agriculture bank to financially assist farmers to purchase seedlings, modern farming machineries, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and others. With the entrepreneurship capital, it is hoped that farmers can create their own small or medium industry based on agriculture.

In a motion of vote of thanks, Yang Berhormat Pengiran Haji Ali bin Pengiran Maon said it is time for us to aggressively explore new fields to generate the economy. In other words, the country should not depend solely on oil and gas. Instead, we should actively explore fields such as agriculture, fishery, and livestock breeding to strengthen the Gross Domestic Product growth.

Meanwhile Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Tahamit bin Haji Nudin in his motion vote of thanks said that pineapple planting should be re-started in Kampung Tungku as it is a tradition from generation to generation. Recently, 82 people have registered to be involved in pineapple farming comprised of indigenous residents from Kampung Tungku. A site that used to be a cattle farm in Kampung Tungku has been proposed for the pineapple farm.

Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Abd Wahab bin Apong highlighted that the youth's involvement in agriculture especially as paddy farmers is important. In his motion of vote of thanks, Yang Berhormat said the government and the private sector should work together and continue to lend assistance such as providing loans and guide farmers and businessman in their fields until they are successful among the youth.

Yang Berhormat Pengiran Haji Mohamed bin Pengiran Haji Osman @ Othman in his motion of vote of thanks stressed that the society should not take the issue of dumping rubbish at non-designated and public areas lightly, as this will affect and pollute the areas. The people should play their role as individuals, heads of family and leaders to ensure that rubbish should not be disposed improperly, and be the best example as Bruneians who practise cleanliness as a culture.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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