Do Not Go Overboard When Joking Around

Smiles, laughter and joking around are the things that enliven life as it can strengthen brotherly relations. Islam does not prohibit its ummah to make jokes but actually encourages it as it is part and parcel of being human. It is also one of the ways to obtain tranquillity and well-being. Apart from that, joking around can release tension. This was the matter shared in yesterday's Friday Sermon entitled 'Jangan Berlebihan Dalam Bergurau Senda' or Do Not Go Overboard When Joking Around. The sermon also stressed that Islam prohibits jokes that go overboard or jokes on matters that are useless as the jokes can make people laugh to the extremes and cause a hardness of the heart and make one negligent in reciting zikir to remember Allah Subhanahu Wa' Taala.

The imam or prayer leader said that among the reasons we joke around is to entertain or make other people happy or even release stress especially for those in difficulties or are worried over something. But the imam cautioned against going overboard while joking around as it can cause enmity and anger until relations are broken, which in itself is prohibited in Islam. Remember, that feelings may be hurt due to the jokes told such as those that pertains on one's physicality or matters that are better not mentioned rather that becoming the basis of the joke and known to others. Therefore, avoid jokes that have elements of insult, scorn and hurting the feelings of others. Never and avoid going overboard while joking as it is a concern that it will become the norm in life and as a result will have negative impacts.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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