Educating Poor and Destitute Asnaf through Agriculture

The Brunei Islamic Religious Council, MUIB through the Tithe Recipient Capacity Building Programme, PROPAZ Secretariat continues to be proactive in further diversifying the programme to enhance the skills of eligible tithe recipients specifically the PROPAZ participants. The PROPAZ AZ-Zira'ah, is the latest programme aimed at empowering and educating the poor and destitute through agriculture. The programme equips participants with modern agricultural skills directed towards producing asnaf agriculture entrepreneurs who can generate their own income.

PROPAZ Az-Zira'ah is a skill training programme which provides agricultural knowledge through the concept of theoretical and practical urban and conventional agriculture to the participants. The skills gained can be broadened with agribusiness guidance until the participant can become a commercial farmer.

The 1 point 1 hectare PROPAZ Az-Zira'ah farm is located at the Brunei Agriculture Research Centre in Kampung Kilanas and operated by five participants. Agribusiness skills training carried out for 15 months systematically aimed to equip the participants with basic agricultural knowledge towards making them commercial farmers, skilled in conducting agribusiness and becoming role models in the PROPAZ programme.

Among the crops planted by the participants are chillies, green vegetables and corn. The participants are guided and monitored by four mentors who are entrepreneurs in agriculture to give them proper direction towards agriculture entrepreneurship.

Realising that agriculture has a huge potential in generating income, the programme's participants hope that their efforts will give good yield and self-dependence as farmers without being dependant on government assistance.

As one of the programmes that will shape poor and destitute asnaf to become individuals who can generate their own income through agriculture, the PROPAZ Az-Zira'ah contributes to the government's efforts in eradicating poverty in the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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