Egg Burger Charity Project, Level 5 Ramadhan Edition

Ramadhan is the month when Muslims give alms more than during other times. Muslims are encouraged to be more generous in the holy month by giving sadaqah or alms in the form of basic necessities, food, drinks and other items. For al-Huffaz Management, its intention is simply to help non-profit entrepreneurs and Non-government Organisations or NGOs to give alms or charity to the public.

‘Projek Sedekah Burger Telur Level 5’, edisi Ramadan OR Egg Burger Charity Project, Level 5 Ramadhan Edition is being held until the 20th of this month. 100 egg burgers will be given away everyday. Egg burger were chosen because they easy to pepare and carry. Under the Egg Burger Charity Project, the public can participate by giving as low as one dollar only.

According to Dayang Nur ‘Alia Syazwani Binti Haji Maidin, Manager of Egg Burger Charity Project Level 5, Ramadhan Edition, Al-Huffaz Management, sometimes there are people who wish to give charity or alms but are less capable. Al-Huffaz Management provides a solution by accepting one dollar charity. The second step is to contact the Al-Huffaz Leaders hotline 8799226 to get their bank account. People can also make online payment or Bank-in and then simply screen-shot the payment.

Preparing the burgers, such as cooking and packing involve young volunteers. Their involvement gives them indirect exposure to community service and voluntary activities. The gifts of charity can help to make the recipient happy. It is simply one egg burger but it is enough to cheer up the recipients. 

Islam encourages its followers to give more alms or charity, especially in the holy and blessed month of Ramadhan. Alms or charity, no matter how small will bring Allah’s favour and reward.  Giving alms is another sunnah or tradition of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam that Muslims are encouraged to emulate.

The charity project not only brings cheer to the recipients but also foster closer relations among Muslims. This in turn brings more blessings. So the more people and NGOs come forward to give charity, the better for society. Source: Radio Television Brunei

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