Encourage Shopping In Brunei Darussalam

Apart from providing opportunities to local entrepreneurs to be active in the business world, 'Yes Letop 2018' is also organised as an effort to encourage the public to shop locally in order to strengthen the country's economy. This was among the matters shared by Haji Syed Mohd Yassin bin Haji Syed Anayatullah Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Battle Pro Marketing and Management Services (MMS) in an interview with RTB, at the expo's opening yesterday morning.

According to Haji Syed Mohd Yassin, the expo acts as a platform especially for local business owners to promote and sell locally made products apart from giving the public or visitors to easily purchase needed services and products under one roof in comfort. Haji Syed Mohd Yassin said that in 2016, 22 thousand people visited the Yes Letop expo. Last year, with the Brunei December festival, almost 33 thousand people came to the expo. This year, the expo is targeting 25 thousand visitors. The number of entrepreneurs taking part in the expo has also increased every year.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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