Estimated More than Twenty Five Thousand To Thirty Five Thousand Tourists Visited the Country

More than twenty five thousand to thirty five thousand tourist were estimated to have visited the country in the last few years. According to the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism this development could be used as an opportunity by the various parties to offer services to transform Brunei Darussalam into a popular tourism hub and generate the country's economy. Awang Wardi bin Haji Mohammad Ali made the remarks in an interview with RTB yesterday morning during a visit by foreign tourists sailing on the cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator which was on transit in the country.

During the brief stopover, the tourists visited the home of Awang Haji Mohd Zahari bin Adis at Kampung Tamoi in Kampong Ayer. For the visitors who were around 100, it was their first time in Brunei Darussalam. Apart from enjoying traditional local cakes, they also had the opportunity to see the beauty of the water village and the hospitality of the people.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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