Euromoney Conferences discuss Iran’s financial re-integration into world

Euromoney Conferences and Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran have kicked off a one-day conference in London discussing Iran's re-integration into the international financial community.

Conference "Iran: Reconnecting with the International Financial Community" is aimed at providing a platform for Iranian and international banks to discuss the necessary steps for Iran's re-integration into the international financial community, IRNA news agency reported.

Valiollah Seif, governor of the Central Bank of Iran is slated to address the conference.

Euromoney Conferences website earlier announced that the one-day conference seeks to provide a forum for policy makers and practitioners to discuss, debate and resolve the key hurdles and challenges to overcome in order for Iran to regain its position in the international banking and financial community.

Defining Iran's banking sector, demonstrate its regulatory framework and highlight the opportunities available for cross border capital flows is among the other objectives of the conference.

The conference also brings together Iran's banking and financial leaders, to meet with international bankers, investors and financiers in a stimulating, interactive and informal atmosphere.

During the conference the participants will define the opportunities available in Iran's capital markets and provide a forum for international institutional investors and Iranian fund managers to discuss and resolve the key issues.

The event will also discuss providing a forum for Iranian financial organizations to promote opportunities and gain greater understanding of the challenges faced by the international community in engaging in Iran.

Although nuclear related sanctions on Iran were lifted following the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action January 16, Iran still has difficulty establishing banking ties with leading European banks as they are worried about running afoul of US regulations.

In a bid to address concerns of overdoing business in Iran, the US Secretary of State John Kerry met with heads of some of European banks in London on May 12 where he reassured that the bankers are not going to be held to some undefined and inappropriate standard.

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