Exoworlds Brunei Darussalam

The 'Name Exoworlds' is an opportunity for the society in the country to take part whilst raising public awareness on the existence of the planetary system outside the solar system. IAU also has given the opportunity to other countries in the world to name one exoplanet and its hosting star. Currently, 90 countries will participate in the programme.

The requirements of naming the exoplanet and star as well as further information on NameExoWorlds can be obtained through WWW.RUNEIASTRONOMY.ORG/NAMEEXOWORLDS. Participation is open to the public starting this Saturday, 10th of August until 10th of October 2019. Suggested names will be selected through online voting. The highest votes in the country will be directly announced to the IAU to be reviewed, and the result will be informed officially from IAU on December.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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