Exploration and Jungle Trekking Activities

70 Rover Scouts members and Leaders of the 1st ASEAN Rover Moot 2018 in the Brunei Muara District yesterday morning took part in Bandar Seri Begawan Exploration, which was one of the programme components towards sustainable development goal. The Rover Scouts and Leaders were divided into two groups.

At the Sports Village, the first group consisting 35 Rover Scouts members were exposed to the abseiling and rock climbing activities. Prior to the activities, a proper safety briefing and procedure were delivered by Haji Ramli Haji Kurus, Assistant Senior Worker at the Youth and Sports Department as head of trainer. The 8 meter height challenge is hoped to help the rover scouts to enhance their confidence, overcome their fears and be prepared for mental as well as physical challenges. The Abseiling and Rock Climbing activities were organised by the Youth and Sports Department.

Meanwhile the second group consisting of 35 Rover Scouts including secretariat officer of Brunei Darussalam Scout Association were involved in a 3-kilometre Jungle Trekking activity, which began and ended at Bebuloh Native Camp. Safety briefing on Jungle Trekking was delivered by Awang Mohd Roshidi bin Abdullah, Head Jungle Trekking Coordinator. The activity among other things, was hoped to diversify the activities for the participants as well as to get the participants involvement in physical activity. Awang Mohammad Arif bin Abdul Hadi, the Brunei Muara Scouts Commissioner in an interview with RTB, explained that the Kampung Bebuloh was selected as on the destination for the 1st ASEAN Rover Moot 2018 due to its uniqueness. The track available at the village are different from other hiking tracks in the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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