Face-To-Face School Sessions Begin This Saturday

Face-to-face school sessions for all students including those aged 5 to 11, who attend government and private primary education as well as religious schools and special centres, will begin this Saturday. The school session this time is open regardless of the vaccination status of the students. "Siuknya Ke Sekolah" is one of the programmes that will be held when the children return to school after a long time of online learning. The matter was touched on by the Acting Director of Schools during an interview with yesterday Rampai Pagi Show.

The programme will further improve the quality of children's minds and make students have more fun, excited and more motivated to attend school. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Religious Affairs has provided a 'whole school medication approach' as well as guidelines and comprehensive measures for schools to open for face-to-face sessions in order to safeguard the welfare of students and school staff in addition to the existing 'Business Continuity Plan, BCP'.

Doctor Sheikh Lukman Bin Sheikh Abdul Hamid, said the schools with the support and advice from the Ministry of Health have prepared SOPs and guidelines that must be complied and adhered to by the school community, especially students. In addition to conducting body temperature checks on the students' at the entrance, the schools have also prepared a re-fencing strategy, the method provided to reduce the infection related to the spread of COVID-19 if there are students who attend school show any symptoms and they will be asked to go to the isolation room.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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