False Information

There is NO earthquake threat to Brunei Darussalam unlike the information that has been made viral. The National Disaster Management Centre, NDMC, National Seismic Centre and the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department in a media release has informed that the information currently made viral on Whatsapp and social media on a potential impact to the country from the Indonesian earthquake that occurred in the region IS FALSE.

The last earthquake occurred in Nggongi, Pulau Sumba, Indonesia on the 3rd of October with a magnitude of 5 point 1. Most major earthquakes occur at the tectonic plate boundary and Pulau Sumba is located one thousand 788 kilometres away from Brunei Darussalam which is far from the boundary. Therefore the earthquake DID NOT OR WILL NOT AFFECT OR POSE A THREAT OR TSUNAMI THREAT to the country. The NDMC will continue to monitor any earthquake or tsunami and will issue alerts if necessary. The public is also advised NOT to disseminate any unverified information that has no basis through social media as it can cause anxiety and panic. For further enquiries, contact Talian Darussalam 123 or Weather Line 114. The NDMC Safety Guide mobile application can be downloaded for earthquake preparedness tips and measures as well as other types of disasters.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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