Fiqh At-Tauhid Ta’lim Course

Providing knowledge and improving understanding of the subject and revising existing knowledge to be practised in everyday life, besides assimilating Islamic teachings with full confidence are the main aim of the Fiqh At-Tauhid Course that began yesterday. The 4-day Ta'lim Course is organised by the Course Unit of the Islamic Dakwah Centre's Dakwah Propagation Section.

30 participants representing associations in the Tutong District are attending the course. The programme is an annual activity of the Dakwah Section's Course Unit aimed at further strengthening Tauhid or understanding of the divine characteristics of Allah the Almighty by providing information on the matter. The course is conducted by Awang Haji Imaharan bin Haji Metali, an Officer from the Islamic Dakwah Centre.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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