Floods Affect a Number of Areas

Several parts in the Tutong district have also been affected by the floods. The Operation 'E' branch of the Tutong District Fire and Rescue Department also received several reports concerning landslides and uprooted trees.

Among the affected areas are Kampung Panchor Papan, Kampung Lubok Pulau, Kampung Tanjong Maya, Kampung Penapar, Kampung Bukit Udal, Kampung Bukit Sulang, Kampung Kuala Ungar, Kampung Rambai, Kampung Long Mayan, Kampung Padnunok, Kampung Lamunin, Kampung Batang Mitus, Kampung Layong and Jalan Sulap Samat. Residents affected by the floods are advised to take the necessary safety measures in facing the monsoon season, especially those from low-lying and flood-prone areas. Road users are also urged to be more alert and cautious while passing through affected roads or use alternative routes. The Tutong District Disaster Management Committee, DDMC will continue to monitor the situation in the affected areas.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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