Floods Prevention Project

As one of the Tutong River Flood Plain Repair Scheme Project in the district, the Flood Prevention Project on the Upstream and Downstream of Tutong River is expected to reduce the risk of floods in several areas in the district. The implementation of the project also acts as a measure towards improving and providing a sustainable drainage system. This project was implemented under the 11th National Development Plan.

The implementation of the project has successfully reduced the incidence of floods by 4 square kilometres. The project was carried out at several affected areas namely, Kampung Ukong, Kampung Rambai and Kampung Panchong. Meanwhile, the Sungai Tutong Downstream project involves Kampung Tanjong Maya, Kampung Penapar, Kampung Sebakit and Kampung Lubok Pulau. With the implementation of the project, areas that often experience floods, especially during the monsoon season, are under control.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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