Forming Neighbourhood Watch Group in Kampung Belingus

The Royal Brunei Police Force continues its efforts to educate and inform the community about criminal activities committed in village areas. Last night the Temburong Police Station organised a special meeting to form a Neighbourhood Watch group for Kampung Belingus and its vicinity. The meeting took place at Kampung Belingus Community Hall in Temburong District.

The meeting was attended by Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Merussin, the Penghulu of Mukim Bangar; Haji Sulaiman bin Haji Ahad, Kampung Belingus Village Chief and members of the Kampung Belingus Consultative Council. Inspector Alif Nur Khaliq bin Haji Mat Rasil, the Acting Officer In Charge of Temburong Police Station explained the Neighbourhood Watch was established to curb and stem criminal activities in village areas and other parts of the country. He said the group acts as an avenue for discussions on the Neighbourhood Watch's plans and activities. The newly formed body in Kampung Belingus is the fourth Neighbourhood Watch in Mukim Bangar.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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