Forum on Dangers of Drug Abuse

Youths in Brunei Darussalam need to continuously raise their awareness and be equipped with sufficient knowledge on the dangers of drug abuse. A forum on the dangers of drug abuse and ways of overcoming it was held last night at the Kampung Rataie National Housing Scheme Mosque in Temburong.

Present was Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Emran bin Haji Sabtu, member of the Legislative Council. The forum aimed to provide understanding and strengthen the faith of the muslim ummah and at the same time realise the importance of physical and spiritual health and to avoid sources that can jeopardise it.

Such a function can instil strong cooperation between the two institutions in providing religious contribution to the community. Aside from extending a sense of cooperation to the community at all levels, to together curb drug abuse and eradicate it at the grassroots level, the forum is also hoped to further strengthen the mosque administration with the culture of imparting knowledge to the community.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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