Friday Sermon

Islam encourages its ummah to always make efforts to seek halal and good income. Therefore, in seeking income one should follow a foundation of religious teachings so that the income gained is not marred by matters that go against syarak law, ethics and morals such as corruption. Corruption is a gratification given to a person with certain reasons to enable the matter that they wish for be achieved, solved, expedited and others.

According to today's Friday Sermon entitled 'Orang Yang Mengamalkan Rasuah Dilaknat Allah Dan Rasulnya' or People Who Practise Corruption Are Condemned by Allah and his Messenger, explained that those involved in corruption are people without integrity, immoral, dishonest and untrustworthy. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. reminded the ummah that the loss of trustworthiness in society is among the minor signs of Judgement Day.

The imam or prayer leader said that the practise of corruption gives a negative impact not only to the individual but also to society and country. Among the negative impacts to the individual is the loss of respect, employment, trust of the community and others. While the negative impacts of corruption to the rights of certain people are aiding and abetting crime, jeopardising the efficacy and integrity of the administration, affecting social as well as political stability and security, decreasing work quality and others. Among the causes of corruption is the lack of faith and piety.

A person knows that corruption is prohibited by Islam and the law but still practises it because he is blinded by earthly assets and huge gratifications. This is also true for life such as one that is burdened by too much debt and unwise in financial management can also cause a person to be easily trapped into corruption. Factors in the leadership and management of an organisation can also give space and opportunity to the person giving gratification, driven by greed for a wealthy life by generating more income and wishing to live comfortably through an easy way.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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