Friday sermon

Coming late to the mosque for Friday prayer, especially after the Imam or prayer leader is on the pulpit to read the Khutbah or sermon is not a beneficial act. In fact it is a big loss and congregants are advised to come early to the mosque with the intention of iktikaf or sitting and performing religious deeds in the place of worship. This is to ensure they are in the mosque and able to hear the sermon, not sitting outside or in the car.

There are also cases when the congregants do not listen properly to the Khutbah or sermon. Instead they carry on talking, joking, using their hand phones, sleeping or sitting outside the mosque during the sermon. The matter was raised in today's sermon, "Keutamaan Mendengar Khutbah" or the Importance of Listening to the Sermon."

The Imam or prayer leader said the congregants should strive to reap Allah's rewards and blessings. Being inattentive during the khutbah should stop because it is a negative act and a huge loss. The Imam also called on parents and guardians no to let young children wander around and make noises during the khutbah so that they do not disturb the congregants. After the Friday prayer, the Imam added, one should supplicate to Allah for the Almighty's forgiveness, blessings as well as protection and happiness in this world and the Afterlife. May Allah the Most Forgiving grant us iman or strong faith, long life, good health, enlightenment and keep us away from malice and sins.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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