Friday Sermon

Arrogance is a deplorable behaviour that Allah the Almighty frowns upon. Being arrogant or proud is rooted in a person's background that causes the individual to think he or she is better than other people. There is no denying that this kind of people also look down on others, forgetting whatever they have in this world is only temporary. The issue was highlighted in today's Khutbah Jumaat or Friday sermon.

Prayer leaders said arrogance is a disease of the spirit or soul. Apart from leading to destruction, it also causes the anger of Allah and other people. The prayer leaders add that people should learn to be humble and teach the heart to admit its flaws and weaknesses. According to the famous Muslim scholar and Sufi or mystic, arrogance surfaces when people have better education or more knowledge. Other things include social status, beauty or good looks, money and wealth, power and strength as well as having many followers, friends and relatives in high positions.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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