Friday Sermon

Muslim youth in the early era were great and contributed significantly to the success and glory of Islam in the period. Today's youth should follow their example in order to achieve greatness and success in areas such as religion, race and country. The youth should be groomed, educated and given proper guidance so that they become a moral generation guided by Islam. This was raised in today's Friday sermon titled, "Diligent and Innovative Youth Will Achieve the National Vision".

In the Khutbah or sermon, prayer leaders highlighted several matters that make youth diligent and innovative as well as excellent in life. Firstly, the youth must have strong and unshaken faith as decreed by Allah. They must believe in Allah the Almighty, the Malaikat or Angels, the Kitab or Books of Allah, the Prophets, the Day of Reckoning and the Destiny and Decree set by Allah.

The Imam or prayer leaders also said youth must be strong spiritually and physically, fearless and always think positively to become hardworking and innovative to achieve their own goals as well as the goals of Islam, the race and the country. The sermon added the young Muslims must be diligent and tireless. Islam does not encourage its ummah or followers to beg but to work and earn their living with their own hard work. The sermon also reminded that the ummah should be willing to make sacrifices including time, wealth and energy because without sacrifice there will be no success, excellence and glory in life.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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