Further Information on Public Entertainment License (Periodic)

To provide better quality service to the public, the Ministry of Home Affairs has introduced a new method and procedure for online application of the Public Entertainment License (Periodic) under the Public Entertainment Act which will use the OneBiz System starting on Thursday, the 15th of February.

The online system will replace the existing Public Entertainment License (Periodic) application acceptance. All applications should be made online through the OneBiz website at onebiz.business.gov.bn. Application of the said license at the counter is abolished.

Meanwhile, the application for the Public Entertainment License (Periodic) will use the E-Darussalam. Every applicant should register or own an active E-Darussalam account before applying for the license. An applicant who does not already have an E-Darussalam account can register with E-Darussalam and activate it by bringing along the Smart Identity Card to the verification centres in the four districts to complete the registration process. Further information on registration and verification centres can be obtained from- www.gov.bn. Cash payment and the collection of the approved Public Entertainment License (Periodic) can be made at Level 1 of the Design and Technology Building, Simpang 32-3, Technology Park, Kampung Anggerek Desa.

For inquiries and further details call Darussalam Hotline 123 or Ministry of Home Affairs on telephone line 2223225 extension 327, 332, 334 and 335 or visit onebiz.business.gov.bn.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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