Get Creative Workshop to Highlight Art of Washi Craft (BruDirect (Brunei))

The Art of Washi Craft is set to steal the spotlight at the next Get Creative workshop organised by The Collective on Sunday, August 9.

Washi paper originates from Japan – ‘Wa’ meaning Japanese and ‘shi’ meaning paper. It is typically made from natural fibres such as bamboo, most commonly from the bark of trees native to Japan – such as the mulberry, the ‘mitsumata’ shrub or the ‘gampi’ tree.

Washi tape refers to a unique Japanese masking tape made from washi paper. It is widely used worldwide as a craft tool due to its reusability and versatile applicability. Washi tape is reusable, biodegradable and traditionally made out of highly renewable resources.

The Washi Craft workshop will be the second event for the Get Creative (#getcreative) series, which is being held in collaboration with local washi tape brand, ‘ilovewashi’.

‘ilovewashi’ is a creative business built from genuine passion for washi tapes.

‘ilovewashi’ came about more than a year ago when owner, Joyce Hong, started buying them whenever she went overseas.

She had a small collection and was looking online to get more when she came across a shop that offered over a thousand designs. She ordered so many tapes that it was impossible to use them all, and decided to start selling them in Brunei.

Washi tape was not available locally then, so it was the perfect opportunity to be the first person to introduce it to Brunei. Today, ‘ilovewashi’ has one of the largest local collections of designs in stock.

The main goal of The Collective is to inspire people to get creative, promote collaboration among local creative people and to provide a platform for exposure to these local talents.

The Collective is passionate about developing the status of Bruneians within the global creative industry by providing opportunity and exposure so that the next generation of talents will be competitive at an international level.

The Collective was initially born from a small hair braiding workshop, later growing in size as more and more people wanted to get involved. That served as the inspiration to grow the initial idea into a larger company that focuses on creative events.

The Collective has run close to 20 successful projects that support the local creative/arts industry with the biggest to date being this year’s Creative Arts Festival held in collaboration with Armada Properties.

According to The Collective founder Shinny Chin, this ongoing series of workshops will give Bruneians the opportunity to learn about different types of creative arts and allow people with similar interests to connect. It will also act as a platform for locals to share their talents with the public.

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