Government Policy Coordination

The Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and the Second Minister of Finance and Economy also shared that the Prime Minister's Office prioritises the strong cooperation relations fostered between government agencies as well as the empowerment and management of the workforce and government assets.

Yang berhormat said the emphasis and efforts carried out include ensuring the continuity of the government's main functions specifically in facing the COVID-19 pandemic situation, in which the Prime Minister's Office played a vital role in coordinating the government policies under the COVID-19 National Recovery Plan. The matter uses a Whole of Nation and Whole of Government approaches with the involvement of every ministry at the steering committee level as well as 8 taskforces set up to review business recovery, health strategy, welfare and well-being affairs, enforcement, transborder affairs, education, food security assurance as well as media and public relations strategy.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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