Grapes Planting Initiatives

With patience and perseverance in grapes planting, an entrepreneur has managed to produce a satisfactory outcome. This is what he said as 'bekarih, bejarih and belurih'. Inspired to plant grapes while abroad, who would have thought that by only having an area of 50x9 square feet, he could produce sweet grapes.

With no knowledge in planting grapes, the resident of the Kampong Panchor Mengkubau National Housing Scheme started planting grapes in 2015. Awang Azlan bin Haji Abdul Murad planted Isabella, Glasha, Jupiter, Black Shappire, Red Master and Red Seedless grapes in a the greenhouse he built near his residence. According to him, among the main challenges in planting grapes are pests.

In the future, he plans to get the best grape seeds to produce quality grapes in order to venture into business by marketing local grapes to the public.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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