Haj Pilgrim’s Experience in the Holy Land

Becoming the guest of Allah Subahanahu Wataala in the holy land is a dream for all muslims worldwide. For the country's haj pilgrims, it is certainly a sweet and unforgettable memory in their life.

Emotional feelings are clearly felt while waiting for the pilgrims to return from performing the fifth pillar of Islam. The arrival lobby at the Brunei International Airport is filled with family members awaiting their return.

For the country's haj pilgrims, the experience while in the holy land has given a multitude of teachings even faced with various tests requiring a large amount of patience. When interviewed, the haj pilgrims prayed to be once again, given the opportunity, to become Dyufurahman or guest of Allah.

A multitude of advantages and rewards will be gained by those performing the haj, which cannot be felt by those who have not had the chance to perform the haj. It is hoped that the country's haj pilgrims all over the world have gained a haj mabrur.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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