Hard Work Brings Success to Abu Marta’s Kitchen

Starting up a business is not something easy without hard work and sheer determination in making the business a success. Each business certainly has its own sets of challenges before achieving true success.

Abu Marta's Kitchen began operations in 2014. Located in Kampung Batang Tuau in Temburong District -- about a 5-minute walk from Bangar Town -- Abu Marta's Kitchen continues to be the go-to place for residents from outside and within the district to get various delicacies to break their fast in Ramadhan.

Awang Abu Bakar bin Haji Aji, Manager of Abu Marta's Kitchen said the inspiration for starting the business came from his children. Although initially starting from online, the business now provides proper seating for its customers.

According to Awang Abu Bakar, his workforce consists mainly of youths who are awaiting their examinations results and those who are still actively seeking employment. This indirectly exposes the youths to business, and teaches them to fill their time with beneficial activities.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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