His Majesty Unscheduled Visit to RTB

The Radio and Television Brunei Department building in the capital among other things houses the department's central administration, making it the first destination of His Majesty unscheduled visit to RTB.

His Majesty's presence reflects the Monarch's care towards RTB's administrative machinery as the government's broadcasting station in disseminating the government's policies and information to the country's citizens and residents.

RTB continues to strive in planning and targeting improvements in three fields of excellence namely operation excellence; productivity excellence; and organisation excellence.

His Majesty then took a closer look at the news product preparation process as well as script and video editing at the News and Current Affairs Section.

The News and Current Affairs Section plays a role in delivering quick, precise and authentic information on local as well international news. RTB through the News and Current Affairs Section is also active with other news organisations such as ASIAVISION and ABU.

From a section that was established 1957, the News and Current Affairs Section is now a vital component to the country's administrative machinery that connects the government with the citizens and between the citizens and the government. The News and Current Affairs Section also plays a role in broadcasting programmes including news and current affairs, sports, documentary, TV magazine and ASEAN.

RTB have roles in disseminating the greatness of His Majesty's leadership and the nation; highlighting the government's services and care towards the people; raising the eminence of Islam as the country's official religion and Malay Language as the country's official religion. Apart from that, RTB also have roles in safeguarding the country's stance as a Malay Islamic Monarchy nation; disseminate the national development polices and programmes towards realising the Wawasan Negara 2035, as well as channelling broadcasting programmes through radio and television for the public.

Radio service studios also came under the scrutiny of His Majesty. The Radio Brunei services which has been operational for 62 years continues to act as the government's voice in approaching all levels of society through a number of programmes projects. The Radio Brunei Services has now developed further since its establishment 6 decades ago.

There are 5 channels that meet the needs of all levels of society in the country namely Nasional, Harmoni, Pelangi, Pilihan and Nur Islam that operates daily. Although Radio Brunei is facing the process of evolution that are created by the challenging surroundings, pure values remain safeguarded in the Radio Brunei services.

Facilities that can be found in the building also fell under the scrutiny of His Majesty.

His Majesty then continued the unscheduled visit to RTB's Broadcasting Complex in Sungai Akar, where the Monarch took a closer look at the TV Programme Section. With the vision of becoming a main media organisation that dynamic in the nation's development, RTB continues to carry out its mission is shaping an informative and knowledgeable society through quality programmes.

With the competitive broadcasting world, RTB continues to arrange and take strategic measures towards creating public broadcasting ecosystem that is more sustainable, competitive and developed.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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